Not sure when we will breed as the market has been saturated between the "high" producing show breeders and newcomers thinking they can make a quick buck. I believe that when money and recognition is the goal; the breed suffers. A lot of show breeders will dazzle newcomers and offer them dogs at low cost in exchange for them doing the breeding for them. Then they take their pick and sometimes help them sell the litter. I guess it is a way for them to "breed behind the scenes" without looking like they are breeding so many litters. I am truly disgusted by many of the AKC show breeders who claim they love the breed yet will do everything in their power to discourage constructive debate. I have never experienced such a level of behind the scenes attacks and so much misinformation being given. Those that truly have excellent dogs are walking away in disgust while those that are only in it for their "image" and "money" continue to spread rumors. It is very hard to find a mentor without a "motive" in the breed. This is the conclusion I personally have come up with based on my experiences.

Based on my experiences in the world of the AKC Tibetan Mastiff show breeders, I would like to offer this friendly advice: give credit where credit is due, thy shall not lie, thy shall not steal, and thy shall not covet thy neighbor's belongings.

If there are puppies; all puppies will be sold to GOOD HOMES - NOT SHOW BREEDER HOMES. This is due to the treatment I have received by some show breeders. Some of these breeders include a long time breeder in California, my former co-owner of my formerly co-owned Drakyi Timberline Moxie, a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Tibetan Mastiffs in Wisconsin, and two women show breeders in Colorado. I was used because I trusted them and thought that being so called "breeders of merit" was a good thing. I would be happy to share experiences and you can question them yourself :) Please feel free to contact me. It is my hope that my experiences as a "newcomer" may avoid you loss of money, time, and stress. Nobody likes to be used. You could pay more from show breeders for the same lines; but why? These dogs are part of our family, sleep inside at night and are free to come in and out of the house during the day.


Recently, AKC approved a litter without permission of the owner of the sire. Based on what I have learned about this; anybody can get the AKC number of a dog from a variety of places including show programs and the OFA site. With just this information, a person can take the dog to a vet, collect sperm, inseminate their bitch and resgister the litter with the AKC. The AKC was notified by the owner of the dog that they did not approve and had not signed the forms; but AKC apparently is going ahead with the registration. Personally, I would not feel safe as an owner knowing that somebody could take my dog and do this. If I was you I would ask the AKC about this and I personally will be registering any future dogs with UKC!

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN PURCHASING A PUPPY: Do they have papers to prove they own both the sire and the dam? Is their name on the papers or someone else's? I would be very leary of buying a puppy without proper documentation proving ownership of both the sire of dam or if there is no contract giving permission by the legal owners of both the sire and dam used in a breeding. There are plenty of puppies that can be bought with proper paperwork and dealing with somebody with incomplete documentation only promotes unscrupulous activity in my best judgment. After all, you have to wonder now that AKC has shown it is willing to register litters without the true owners signature or permission. If somebody has figured out unscrupulous ways to register litters; would you believe anything else they say regarding health, parentage, etc. of said puppies? Personally, I would rather deal with someone with all the proper documentation and permissions and would never consider doing business with any person purchasing puppies from people like this in order to avoid questions down the road. Better safe than sorry!



Recently I discovered a full brother sister breeding in the Tibetan Mastiff world here in the U.S.A. Instead of spaying and neutering the whole litter and selling them to the pet homes the breeder is keeping some of the pups with the "blessings" of many long time show breeders. What does this tell me? I have to wonder what else these breeders would "let slide" behind closed dogs? Intentional or not? One will never know. Anyway, these same show breeders condemn others for doing far less than this. Certain lines in the Tibetan Mastiff community have had several health issues in the past so make sure you study the pedigrees very carefully. The hypocrisy in the "show world" is endless. One day they may not like a certain breeder and say there are health issues in the line and the next day they are friends with them and their stories change. I have seen it over and over. Nobody will know what the truth is as I have found they keep changing stories for reasons only they know. So since it seems like health issues pop up only when certain breeders want to destroy others; I have come to the conclusion that one can only test their own dogs; show the results and do the best you can.


I would be wary of breeders who offer a health guarantees. If the tests have been done and the breeding pair are in good health; and if they are past the age of five with no issues, it is a very good sign they do not carry any serious defects. I believe nobody can possibly predict what if any health issues may arise. Do you get an unconditional health guarantee with children from the day they are born? I would make me very suspicious of somebody who claims to have a crystal ball. I would be more concerned that they are willing to "make it right" if problems do arise. There seems to be issues in every line. It seems that occasionally certain combinations may produce some health issues. Many times it can be caused by environmental factors; just like humans. I have found people who offer these guarantees "snooty, condescending know it alls"; not to mention, "control freaks". I view the health guarantee as sending up a red flag; as if they know of health problems and are just trying to "close the sale"? Also, just like athletes, who is to say certain drugs/supplements are not in use when winning in the ring is so important to some? Here is a great article about what certain drugs that humans use to win and how they effect dogs. Click here Of course these things cannot be proven but a good indicator might be if several lines in a single breeder's program have certain issues; there might be a common environmental issue at play, rather than genetics. Other breeders are quick to blame a line when the issues most likely are caused by environmental factors rather than genetics. To this date there is no genetic test available for certain problems Seizures According to articles, approx. 4% of dogs suffer from seizures. There are many environmental causes of seizures in dogs. I.e. trauma, skunk spray,, ticks, distemper, certain drugs for inflammation/allergies, etc. Other breeders will seize upon the opportunity to blame genetics, knowing they can put a seed of doubt that most likely lies with an unsuspecting or unknown environmental cause and not genetics. So before you believe what others could be making up, find up if the affected dogs is a full brother/sister to affected dogs that have had problems. Find out if both or one parents of affected dog has the same issues. Do not believe everything you here unless you can be absolutely sure of what the affected dog had been exposed to, especially if it is not a FULL BROTHER/SISTER!. Show breeders will sink to any means possible to cast unfounded doubts upon dogs they feel are competition to their sales. Finally, words are cheap when a sale is important. It is the value of the words by those giving them are.




"Epilepsy is a brain disorder that is found in humans and cause seizures to occur. It is also found in dogs. When dogs have epilepsy, they will probably have seizures from the time that they are puppies until they are adults. "


QUOTE FROM ABOVE LINK: "Inbreeding doesn't introduce new genes and does not eliminate bad genes that the line already has. It only shifts them around like a rubix cube. This often results in litters with high show potential, if the quality was high to begin with. It shows you what recessives you have lurking in the dogs' backgrounds -- both good and bad. But there are drawbacks. Besides the possibility of bad recessives, inbreeding exclusively will eventually lead to infertility. It's like a xerox machine. After so many copies, you have to renew the ink. The same with dogs, you have to introduce new genes. No reputable breeder will use inbreeding exclusively, and many breeders simply never use it. Usually, you will only find: very experienced breeders, ignorant breeders, and puppy mills making use of this technique." UNQUOTE

I recently spoke with a person who bought their puppies from some show people. Apparently some of the puppies became aggressive due to possible environmental issues and now the show breeders are trying to blame some of the most gentle lines in the breed. Instead of disclosing that "one" of the parents had these problems; the show people are trying to blame both the parents. I would be happy to discuss these lines with you and direct you to the proper people for the facts. It is unbelievable the extent these show breeders will go to in order to trash anybody in their way. I have seen so much of the hatred in the show world and because of that; I do not have faith in much of what they say. Their behavior seriously makes me ill.

I strongly recommend small hobby kennels who are not into breeding for show or money. Also, there are many ethical breeders overseas not affiliated with the AKC. Based on my experience with the AKC and it's showing "politics", I would also strongly recommend UKC for it's show policies. AKC breeder of merit means absolutely nothing to me; especially when I see how some of these breeders operate. Cut and paste these links: and check out the "Notices" on the Secretary's pages to get a glimpse into the behavior of the show people.

I highly recommend KESANG CAMP. Many breeders got his line through "the back door". It is a good idea to check the pedigrees of the dogs you are interested in as you may wind up paying for more for dogs coming from the exact same lines. You may be paying "extra" for a "show breeders" handler, show and traveling expenses, not a better dog. Ron Bombliss is a very "honest" and reputable breeder. He can be trusted and is extremely "ethical". I have not had the same experience with some breeders in my area. Give him a call and I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by his knowledge and love of the breed. He has over 25 years experience in the breed, far more than several self proclaimed "know it alls" in my area. Experience is a huge plus!

Bear is a very substantial boy with large bone and stands 29" in height. Bear has a exceptionally sweet disposition for a male TM. Nubia is a very large girl with a very sweet personality. This pairing should produce a variety of colors. All his "full" siblings are healthy and very sweet. I have had the pleasure of following them since most of them live locally. He is going on five years and has not had any problems.
Click here for photos of Nubia's daughter Tika!

West magic's golden bear
Not only is Bear an exceptional dog; he has a wonderful personality. He stands almost 29" with heavy bone, extremely large head and beautiful mane.

"Bear" OFA Hips "Good" - Elbows "Normal" OFA based on one submittal RESULTS HERE


Kesang Camp's Nubia OFA Results